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Age : 27
Location : End of the universe

PostSubject: <-READ BEFORE APPLYING->-   Sat May 01, 2010 7:10 pm

Stand Your Ground
Member Application

This is an Australian based Modern Warfare 2, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Call Of Duty 4 gaming clan.
We require all new members to read the following then submit an application.
Please note we are an active and competitive Clan, if you are not active on
the Forums you WILL be kicked from our clan, Thanks

1. Be Active In Game & On Forums:
SyG requires it's members to stay active both on the forums and in game.
(Unless you have filled in leave/AFK)

2. Play Serious:
SyG is a competitive clan, we will not stand for stupid behavior, cheating and use of exploits

3. Discrimination:
SyG respects that everyone is different, we do not discriminate people by there age, sex,
religion, background, although previous clans and maturity levels may be taken into account. We will not accept applications if your age is below 17

4. Wear Your Tags:
-SyG- must be placed at the front of your name at all times.
This should only be done after your application has been accepted!

5. Other Clans
Where a competitive clan and believe you should only compete in one clan of the same game at a time

6. Communications:
SyG uses TeamSpeak3 You are required to have a working microphone whilst in scrip or training, it should be reasonably clear and produce no background noise or feedback.

Copy And Paste the following into a NEW! thread by under

Make sure the topic subject is "Application: (Your Gamer Name)"
NOTE: This application will heavily impact our decision

Real Life Name:
Gamer Tag:
Game(s) applying for:
Why You Want To Join SyG:
Do you Agree to the following Rules:
How did you hear about -SyG- and/or who invited you:

Skype username:
Xfire username:
Steam account username:
MSN Address

[sub]Update Log
-Font sizes, format and color
-Rules are the same from TAG, i kelp bbcode format
-Fixed grammer slightly
-added rule 7
-added min age under rule 3
-made it an Announcement
-added Steam username:
v5 changed Synergy to new name
v6 added Vent to communication
v7 added a question on who invited
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